Biến tần Danfoss VLT HVAC Basic Drive FC 101

Biến Tần Danfoss VLT HVAC Basic Drive FC 101 là dòng biến tần giá rẻ thiết kế chuyên dụng cho tòa nhà với chức năng tiên tiến nhất “Fire Mode”, ứng dụng trong điều hòa không khí sử dụng cho: bơm, quạt, tháp giải nhiệt, máy nén, máy thổi khí, hệ chiller… công suất lên đến 90KW.

Xuất xứ: Danfoss Denmark (>=30KW) và Danfoss China (<22KW)

The VLT® HVAC Basic Drive

The VLT® HVAC Basic Drive is designed for simple fan and pump applications where the drive is used nearby the motor. The VLT® HVAC Basic Drive is designed to fi t compact and basic functional performance HVAC applications, off ering simple control features and most common HVAC protocols for a limited integration into your building management system.

Product range:

  • 3 x 200 – 240 …………………… 0.25 – 11 kW
  • 3 x 380 – 480 V …………………0.37 – 90 kW

Available enclosure ratings:

  • IP 20
  • IP 21 w. kit
  • Type 1 w. kit

The VLT® HVAC Basic Drive includes:

  • > 98% basic energy effi ciency
  • Automatic Energy Optimisation
  • User-friendly operation
  • Programming in 7 languages
  • Numerical or graphical control panel

Fire Override Mode

Fire Override Mode helps keep fire escape routes free of smoke, overrides the drive’s self-protecting features and keeps the driven equipment running as long as possible in the event of fire. Activating Fire Override Mode will ensure the VLT® HVAC Basic Drive ignores “soft“ faults and alarms to
continue operation during essential services such as a “fire” command.

Automatic Energy Optimisation

AEO provides optimized motor magnetisation at all speeds and loads. This feature increases the energy savings gained by applying variable speed control and is standard on the VLT® HVAC Basic Drive.

Automatic Motor Adaptation

Enter the name plate data, and VLT® HVAC Basic Drive automatically adjusts to the motor.

Suitable for “follower” operation

The drive’s structure makes it suitable for “follower” operation required by BMS, PLC’s or DDCs.

Biến Tần Danfoss VLT HVAC Basic Drive FC 101 – IP20

131L9801 131L9802 131L9803 131L9804 131L9805 131L9806 131L9807 131L9808 131L9809 131L9810 131L9811 131L9812 131L9813 131L9814 131L9815 131L9816 131L9817 131L9818 131L9819 131L9820 131L9821 131L9822 131L9823 131L9824 131L9825 131L9826 131L9827 131L9828 131L9829 131L9830 131L9831 131L9832 131L9833 131L9834 131L9835 131L9836 131L9837 131L9838 131L9839 131L9840 131L9841 131L9842 131L9843 131L9844 131L9845 131L9846 131L9847 131L9848 131L9849 131L9850 131L9851 131L9852 131L9853 131L9854 131L9855 131L9856 131L9857 131L9858 131L9859 131L9860 131L9861 131L9862 131L9863 131L9864 131L9865 131L9866 131L9867 131L9868 131L9869 131L9870 131L9871 131L9872 131L9873 131L9874 131L9875 131L9876 131L9877 131L9878 131L9879 131L9880 131L9881 131L9882 131L9883 131L9884 131L9885 131L9886 131L9887 131L9888 131L9889 131L9890 131L9891 131L9892 131L9893 131L9894 131L9895 131L9896 131L9897 131L9898 131L9899 131L9900

131L9901 131L9902 131L9903 131L9904 131L9905 131L9906 131L9907 131L9908 131L9909 131L9910 131L9911 131L9912 131L9913 131L9914 131L9915 131L9916 131L9917 131L9918 131L9919 131L9920 131L9921 131L9922 131L9923 131L9924 131L9925 131L9926 131L9927 131L9928 131L9929 131L9930 131L9931 131L9932 131L9933 131L9934 131L9935 131L9936 131L9937 131L9938 131L9939 131L9940 131L9941 131L9942 131L9943 131L9944 131L9945 131L9946 131L9947 131L9948 131L9949 131L9950 131L9951 131L9952 131L9953 131L9954 131L9955 131L9956 131L9957 131L9958 131L9959 131L9960 131L9961 131L9962 131L9963 131L9964 131L9965 131L9966 131L9967 131L9968 131L9969 131L9970 131L9971 131L9972 131L9973 131L9974 131L9975 131L9976 131L9977 131L9978 131L9979 131L9980 131L9981 131L9982 131L9983 131L9984 131L9985 131L9986 131L9987 131L9988 131L9989 131L9990 131L9991 131L9992 131L9993 131L9994 131L9995 131L9996 131L9997 131L9998 131L9999

Biến Tần Danfoss VLT HVAC Basic Drive FC 101 – IP54

131N0100 131N0101 131N0102 131N0103 131N0104 131N0105 131N0106 131N0107 131N0108 131N0109 131N0110 131N0111 131N0112 131N0113 131N0114 131N0115 131N0116 131N0117 131N0118 131N0119 131N0120 131N0121 131N0122 131N0123 131N0124 131N0125 131N0126 131N0127 131N0128 131N0129 131N0130 131N0131 131N0132 131N0133 131N0134 131N0135 131N0136 131N0137 131N0138 131N0139 131N0140 131N0141 131N0142 131N0143 131N0144 131N0145 131N0146 131N0147 131N0148 131N0149 131N0150 131N0151 131N0152 131N0153 131N0154 131N0155 131N0156 131N0157 131N0158 131N0159 131N0160 131N0161 131N0162 131N0163 131N0164 131N0165 131N0166 131N0167 131N0168 131N0169 131N0170 131N0171 131N0172 131N0173 131N0174 131N0175 131N0176 131N0177 131N0178 131N0179 131N0180 131N0181 131N0182 131N0183 131N0184 131N0185 131N0186 131N0187 131N0188 131N0189 131N0190 131N0191 131N0192 131N0193 131N0194 131N0195 131N0196 131N0197 131N0198 131N0199

131N0200 131N0201 131N0202 131N0203 131N0204 131N0205 131N0206 131N0207 131N0208 131N0209 131N0210 131N0211 131N0212 131N0213 131N0214 131N0215 131N0216 131N0217 131N0218 131N0219 131N0220 131N0221 131N0222 131N0223 131N0224 131N0225 131N0226 131N0227 131N0228 131N0229 131N0230 131N0231 131N0232 131N0233 131N0234 131N0235 131N0236 131N0237 131N0238 131N0239 131N0240 131N0241 131N0242 131N0243 131N0244 131N0245 131N0246 131N0247 131N0248 131N0249 131N0250 131N0251 131N0252 131N0253 131N0254 131N0255 131N0256 131N0257 131N0258 131N0259 131N0260 131N0261 131N0262 131N0263 131N0264 131N0265 131N0266 131N0267 131N0268 131N0269 131N0270 131N0271 131N0272 131N0273 131N0274 131N0275 131N0276 131N0277 131N0278 131N0279 131N0280 131N0281 131N0282 131N0283 131N0284 131N0285 131N0286 131N0287 131N0288 131N0289 131N0290 131N0291 131N0292 131N0293 131N0294 131N0295 131N0296 131N0297 131N0298 131N0299